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Refurbishments: London

Well Rd, Hampstead

2007 - 2008

Build Cost:  £230,000

An architects house refurbishment is not nessicerilly the ideal way to do one of your first large projects.

This project was demanding for many reasons.  Deliveries and trade parking was restricted and the house had a high level of design and finishes on every level.

A glass Cantifix extension was added to the lower ground floor and a new parquet floor finish added throughout.

The bedrooms all had purpose made MDF storage cupboards and the kitchen was handmade. The staircase was upgraded and improved and finsihed with a seamed carpet runner.

The architect's house was Bob Allies of Allies & Morrison Architects

Four Storey Refurbishment Complete strip out and refurbishment of the entire house to a high standard. A glass extension was added to the lower ground floor.

Kitchen The kitchen shall be replaced including new french doors with folding shutters and oak flooring. As the kitchen is located above the lounge on the lower ground floor a sound absorbent rubber mat will be placed within the floor construction to reduce the transfer of sound.

Glass Extension & Frameless Window

2nd Floor Ensuite Bathroom

New Kitchen

Main Bathroom