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Refurbishments: London


2007 - 2008

Build Cost: £105,000

A fairly complicated project to increase the habitable basement area into a bedroom, utility space and bathroom.  This area received a floor tanking syestem, replacement floor slab, doors and joinery.

The kitchen area was also extended to the side and a glazed roof was instralled before the internal finishes were executed.  The living rooms also had alterations and lots of bespoke MDF joinery installed.

The upper floors of the 4-bedroom Victorian property had plaster repairs, decoarations and oither items attended to while we were on site.

Exterior of the property.

Completed rear of the property showing the side extension.

Lower living room.

The new modern kitchen utilises all the available space and its glazed roof allows light to flood into the work area.

The kitchen was extended to make full use of the space to the side. The extended area was fitted with a patent glazing roof system.

Basement Bathroom

A Matki walk-in recessed shower enclosure was installed into this bathroom.

The old utility area was basic and shabby.

The base of the new kitchen extension is laid.