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Refurbishments: London

Squires Mount, Hampstead


Build Cost:  £80,000

A series of mini-projects were carried out to this property adjacent to Hampstead Heath.

The bathroom was upgraded and and a roll top bath installed.  That sounds straight forward enough except that with the weight of a roll-top bath full of water there was no way thet the existing floor joists would support the weight.  Not only that, but the bath would not go up the stairs and turn on the landing.

So, we removed the bathroom  floor joists, lifted the bath up on a lifting platform and installed new floor joists below the bath.

The rest of the house was rewired, decorated and lots of minor alterations done.  The other significant area was the garden roof terrace which had the asphalt area repaired, floor tiles added and Venetion fences panels fitted to screen the pivate space.

Exterior of the property

The roof terrace has been refurbished with a contemporary fence to provide a greater degree of privacy, above a lead capped coping stone. Grey promenade tiles were laid on top of a newly laid waterproof asphalt surface.

The roof area before work commenced.  There was no privacy from adjoining properties.

The refurbished bathroom incorporated a designer slipper bath.

The new sink is in a period style to tone in with the style of the property.

The newly refurbished master bedroom.

The stairs were too narrow to accommodate the new bathtub so it was lifted through the ceiling of the room below before the ceiling and floor was reconstructed.