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House Building: Housing Projects

Tuffnells Way, Harpenden

2011 - 2013

Build Cost;  £610,000

Following a period of 12 months tendering, we secured the project to build the clients new build hose.

The property was to become a 5 bedroom detached house incorporating a large basement area.  

One of the most importanat parts of the construction was the "temporary works" that were required to enable the main house constrction.  We needed to insert 64 contiguous piles alongside the party wall line of the 2 neighbouring houses, below ground, before we could excavate the large basement.

The basement was constrcted using a Pudlow waterproof concrete product.

Loop constructed the house up until the plastering and electrics were complete.  However, the client did not have the finance to complete the finishes and a dispute arose before the contract was terminated and Loop were settled for their outstanding costs.

piling rig set up for contiguous piled walls in harpenden harpenden

loop construction in tuffnells way harpenden

bedroom layout with bathrooms constructed with steel beams and timber floor joists

a piling rig drilling auger piles and pouring concrete to form a contiguous piled retaining wall

A contiguous piled wall has been installed prior to excavation of the basement between the two houses.

bracing the coniguous piled retaining walls that form the basement

Basement construction is progressing.

Photographs taken using specialist photographer SKM photography to gain an aerial view of the work that would not otherwise be possible.