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Extensions: Hertfordshire


Before A first floor extension, added above the existing garage. There are also structural alterations, including underpinning the existing garage foundations to widen these and add a new external leaf of facing bricks to the ground floor. The new extension will add 2 double bedrooms and an ensuite bathroom.

Underpinning The existing foundations under the side wall to the garage needed additional support and widening. An additional leaf of facing bricks will be built here to form a cavity wall.

Structural Steelwork Placing and positioning two steel beams that will support the front and rear cavity walls. Where we are able to, we always try and use mechanical equipment to assist our operatives. Here, we have had the steel beams fabricated and delivered by a company that has an extended crane attached to the lorry.

Roof Level The new cavity walls have been completed and the use of roof trusses on this project allow for the internal areas to be covered over and make progress very quickly.


Ensuite Bathroom