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Commercial: Hertfordshire

Sir John Lawes School

Loop Construction were awarded this commercial project on a very competitive open tender basis.

The project involved the construction of new classrooms to displace the former external courtyard area. the kitchen was removed to form additional ancillary rooms, including a toilet block.

We completed the project on time within Sir John Lawes school summer holiday.


sir john lawes summer holiday construction projects on time

School refurbishment

An infill extension to the central part of the school, as well as alteration and refurbishment work to the old kitchen area. 8 rooflights were installed over the new working areas at the same time.

The courtyard before infill.

An external courtyard area was infilled and converted into office space as well as the adjacent redundant kitchen area. The project was completed wholly within the school summer holiday period and site personnel had to be CRB-checked in accordance with school policy.

Infilling the courtyard with the new floor slab.